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Discover Botox® Injections and Dermal Fillers at the Dentist
Your local dentist can help you fight wrinkles and jaw, neck, or migraine pain.
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Do you have fine wrinkles you’d like to erase, or do you suffer from pain caused by jaw clenching or teeth grinding? Botox® or other Botulinum toxin A products may be right for you, and it’s a safe and effective procedure when done by a qualified dentist.

When you hear Botox®, you may think of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, but did you know your dentist at Legends Dental is certified to administer Botox® and dermal fillers? Dentists are highly educated in facial anatomy and, with additional training, are qualified to administer Botox® and dermal fillers. They can help you learn about the cosmetic and medical benefits of the treatment during an examination.

Botox® injections help relieve:

  • Migraines and headaches or jaw and neck pain

  • Pain from TMJ and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder)

  • Discomfort from teeth grinding (bruxism)

In addition to easing discomfort, Botox® gives patients a more youthful appearance by relaxing the face. The safe injections may also help patients with a high lip line to achieve a more beautiful smile.

Benefits of Botox®

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Botox® is a safe procedure with little to no discomfort.

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Treatment takes just a few minutes, so you’ll be in and out quickly.

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The cosmetic and medical benefits appear in just a few days and may last for months.

How Dentists Perform Botox®
Our dentist in Lawrence, KS, makes Botox® injections quick and comfortable.
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A happy, healthy smile can only exist if you’re feeling your best! In addition to dental care, we offer Botox® injections as a cosmetic and medical treatment.

Botox® with Legends Dental in Lawrence, KS has the power to improve the way you look and feel.

  • Step 1

    At the consultation, we’ll review your medical history and discuss your goals, such as reducing wrinkles. If you’re a patient who suffers from migraines and TMJ pain or has a gummy smile, then we may recommend Botox® as a treatment option.

  • Step 2

    The dentist prepares the solution and injects Botox® into the planned location(s) on the face. We’re very familiar with the facial structure and perform many injections during dental procedures, so we’ll make this injection as quick and painless as possible.

  • Step 3

    We’ll let you know what to expect in the next few days and answer any questions you may have.

While Botox® may have gotten a bad reputation in the past, it’s a proven procedure that helps relax the face and is trusted by many health professionals. Find out how Botox® can refresh your appearance or provide the pain relief you deserve!

FAQ About Botox®
  • What is Botox® used for?

    Botox® (botulinum toxin) is used to safely relax the facial muscles to minimize wrinkles and provide pain or tension relief.

    Used medically and properly, Botox® effectively helps relieve pain from headaches, migraines, jaw pain, and TMJ pain.

  • How long does Botox® last?

    The effects of Botox® may last for several months, but this depends on the patient, the location of the injection, and the treatment size.

    Other factors that may affect how long Botox® lasts include age, gender, and body mass.

    For the best results, please only work with a certified healthcare professional trained in administering Botox® and be sure to follow the post-care instructions.

  • Is Botox® bad for your face?

    Botox® is safe when administered by a trained health professional like a dentist.

    While too much or too frequent Botox® injections may be harmful for your face, your dentist will recommend the best way to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

  • At what age should you start Botox®?

    There’s no specific age when it’s best to start Botox® because it’s a personal decision based on the patient and their goals.

    If you’re considering Botox® injections near Lawrence, KS, contact us today for a consultation. We’ll review the cosmetic and medical benefits and recommend the best time for you to start Botox®.

    Patients must be over 18 to receive Botox®.

  • How expensive is Botox®?

    Botox® is an affordable treatment, but the specific cost varies on individual procedures.

    The amount of Botox® used and the location treated affect the total cost of the procedure.

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