Dental Office

Before choosing a dental office in Lawrence, KS, there are several things you need to look into. From the types of services offered by the dental office in Lawrence, Kansas to the dentist’s experience and reputation, as well as that of the supporting staff, and even the office's appearance, the following offers a quick look at the key points you should consider prior to making an appointment with a dental office in the Lawrence area.

Not all Lawrence, KS dental offices are the same

A general dental office provides basic dental services, including dental exams, x-rays, cleanings, cavity fillings, tooth extractions, oral cancer screenings, and even root canals. However, if you are making an appointment for a child, you’ll need to be certain the office takes pediatric patients. This isn’t always the case. In addition, if you are interested in cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, implants, or teeth whitening, you’ll need to consult an office that offers cosmetic dentistry services. Most offices do offer complete dental exams, though you’ll need to verify this. This exam includes a visual inspection of the interior of your mouth, including the gums, tongue, and palate, as well as the insides of your cheeks, your lips, and the skin on your face and neck. The dentist will also touch your neck to check for abnormal lymph nodes or an enlarged thyroid gland. Typically, a periodontal probe will be inserted between your gums and teeth to assess for any large crevices. Finally, you’ll have a periodontal exam, bite evaluation, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment. X-rays may also be taken.

Experience and Reputation

When searching for a dentist, experience is usually a good thing, though you shouldn’t automatically rule out a dentist who has just entered the field. Typically, new graduates will join an existing dental office in Lawrence, KS, allowing them easy access to a more experienced professional in the event a problem arises. As an added bonus, dentists who are just starting their career are less likely to retire anytime soon, meaning you shouldn’t have to look for a new dentist for years to come. Reputation is also important and easy to evaluate, thanks to the internet. Simply perform a search for reviews left by previous patients. You are likely to find information on everything from wait times and how emergency situations are handled to how the dentist and his/ her staff treat patients.


All dental offices should be both clean and professional looking. Of course, the exact decorations aren’t necessarily important, but they should at least be comfortable and appeal to the typical patient. During your first appointment, be sure to glance at the dental equipment being used. A good dental office in Lawrence, KS will have updated equipment that has been well-maintained. Fortunately, there are great dental offices, such as Legends Dental in Lawrence, KS. The office of Dr. Ryan L. Brittingham, DDS is available to assist you with all your dental needs.