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Dr. Ryan L. Brittingham is committed to delivering a dental experience that will exceed anything you have experienced before. If you are looking for an office driven by exceptional customer service, delivered by people passionate about what they do, and have the knowledge, technology, and facility to perform dentistry at the highest level of patient care… then Legends Dental is for you.

Our goals for every patient are simple: we want you healthy, we want you to keep your own teeth, and for there to be no surprises, whether it be financial or treatment oriented.

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Legends Dental is the area’s leader in dental care and patient relationships. With integrity and team work we will exceed our patient’s expectation in all phases of their dental experience.


Our office is a place where age, color, and socio-economic status do not affect the outcome of our treatment recommendations. You will be treated as a member of our own family and the recommendations we offer you will be based on your individual needs and what will be best for long term success. You will not find "cookbook" dentistry done here.

We want you to know that we are here to help in any way we can. Our practice will assist you in maximizing your insurance benefits. Insurance is here to stay and is helpful for all of our patients. However, insurance has its limitations. Sometimes, it is not in your best interest to accept only what insurance will cover. We will help you understand your benefits to the best of our ability. When the situation arises where treatment options are not covered by your insurance, we will help you understand the value of the recommended treatment and what long term benefits the treatment offers.

Our office is proactive in its approach to dentistry rather than reactive. We do not believe in waiting until it hurts or breaks before doing something. The technology available in our practice allows us to properly diagnose active disease so we can inform you of the current health of your mouth. We will show you images of your teeth so you can see what we see. This is invaluable and allows us to be on the same page as we progress through your treatment.

We practice in a facility that is esthetically pleasing; an environment which represents the level of care we deliver to our patients. It will be evident as you walk through the doors that this is not an ordinary dental office. You will be greeted with a smiling face and a warm hello. We realize most people are not themselves when faced with the unknown. This is why we strive to make every visit as comfortable as possible. We will educate you in the condition of your mouth so you can make informed decisions about your treatment, rather than rash ones based on uncertainty or pressure.

We are committed to having "no surprises". Our team will do whatever possible to ensure you understand the treatment options and the associated fees prior to initiating treatment.

We are committed to continuing education so we are trained in the latest that dentistry has to offer. Whether it is a simple tooth colored filling or a set of cosmetic veneers to permanently improve a smile, our team is ready to take it on. Our commitment will be reflected in the equipment we use, the language we use, and the quality of our dental team and services.

In closing, our vision is to help people by giving them hope. Hope that their condition can be changed, improved, and ultimately fixed. We strive to help them in a way they have never been helped in dentistry before. People are people. We realize there are lives attached to each tooth we work on and are committed to creating a relationship of mutual respect and trust in each and every patient that walks through the doors.